Work in Progress

Made for Love Title Screen photo of woman in background

MADE FOR LOVE – work in progress

Made for Love is a dating tool developed specifically for Black women to facilitate meaningful relationships with quality partners. The look and feel of this app reflects the beauty of the individuals who use it. By featuring stringent verification, profile requirements, and the ability to identify, flag, and report any harassment, racial comments or fetishes, the app promotes empowerment and safety for users.

I was handed a few dozen wireframes and asked to create the UI design for this project. Once I began I found more was required than simply adding color and style.

Since safety is of top concern, it seemed to make the most sense to require a certain amount of input upfront. A lot of dating apps allow users to skip adding certain information about themselves and go right to the search, but a lot of dating apps entertain scammers, too. This one should be different, so best to make them do some work upfront.

Online research included Hinge, Zoosk, Match, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel. I also found some great information on the OK Cupid blog site.

The theme uses a classic black/white/red palette, with green and yellow accents. This is not only a trend for 2021, but the draws from the colors of the Pan-African flag. It is classy, timeless, and sophisticated.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about introvert, extrovert, and ambivert personality types and decided to add a screen both to inform the user of what type they may be, and allow the algorithms to gather significant data concerning compatibility.